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Founder/ Pharmacist

Hello! I'm Dr. Isabella Rodriguez,  Founder of Rx Tech Prep, an 11-week Pharmacy Technician program. I started my career as a pharmacy tech, and I loved it so much I went on to pursue my Doctorate in Pharmacy. Now I have a blast teaching and empowering others to fulfill an invaluable role in pharmacy as the "hands and feet of the pharmacy operations." 
Founder/ Pharmacist

Online Pharmacy Technician Curriculum

  • 1
    Session 1: Let's Dive In The Pharmacy Profession
    • History of Pharmacy
    • Responsibilities of The Pharmacy Technician
    • End Goal of Pharmacy Technician Certification: PTCB Roadmap
    • Assessment: History of Pharmacy
  • 2
    Session 2: Intro to Pharmacy Math (No need to fear!)
    • Pharmacy Math
    • Intro Pharmacy Calculations
    • Important: Sig Codes (prescription abbreviations) and conversions (math measurements) and medical abbreviations
    • Assessment: Intro Pharmacy Math
  • 3
    Session 3: Intro to Pharmacology (Study of Drugs)
    • Intro to Pharmacology - Drug Naming, and Routes and Formulations
    • Drug List: Intro to Pharmacology - Controlled Substances (Drugs that have abuse potential)
    • Intro to Prescriptions - Take a look at what you will be interpreting!
    • Assessment: Intro to Pharmacology
  • 4
    Session 4: Law
    • Pharmacy Law 1
    • Pharmacy Law 2
    • Pharmacy Law 3
    • Assessment on Law
  • 5
    Session 5: Prescriptions, and Converting One Unit to Another (Metric and Household Systems)
    • Prescription Interpretation and Converting Household and Metric Units
    • Assessment
  • 6
    Session 6: Drugs
    • Analgesics, Anesthetics, Anti-infectives (Medications for pain, surgery, and infections)
    • Drug List: Analgesics (Pain Meds)
    • Prescriptions - Practice interpreting these prescriptions
    • Assessment: Analgesics....
  • 7
    Session 7: Medical Terminology and The Prescription
    • Medical Terminology
    • The Prescription
  • 8
    Session 8: Converting Units again (Apothecary and Metric) and Temperature Conversion
    • Converting Apothecary and Metric Units; Temperature Conversion
    • Assessment
  • 9
    Session 9: Antineoplastics, and Hematopoetics (Drugs for Cancer and Blood)
    • Cancer, and Blood Medications
    • Assessment: Antineoplastics, Hematologicals, and Nucelar Pharmacy
  • 10
    Session 10: Non-Sterile Compounding (Making drugs that are unique for the patient and they are NOT for injection, eyes, or inhalation)
    • Non-Sterile Compounding
    • Assessment: NonSterile Compounding
  • 11
    Session 11: Calculations for Compounding and Days Supply
    • Compounding, Days Supply, and Adjusting Refill
    • Assessment
  • 12
    Session 12: Cardiovascular Drugs (Medications for High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Heart Conditions)
    • Cardiovascular Drugs
    • Cardiovascular Drugs
    • Assessment: Cardiovascular Agents and Electrolytes
  • 13
    Session 13: Sterile Compounding and Hospital Pharmacy (Making drugs that you inject, inhale, and put into the eyes)
    • Sterile Compounding
    • Assessment: Hospital Pharmacy
  • 14
    Session 14 : Math
    • Calculations for Community Pharmacy
    • Assessment
  • 15
    Session 15: Derm and GI (Skin and Stomach)
    • Dermatologicals and Gastrointestinal Agent
    • Assessment: Dermatological and Gastrointestinal Agents
  • 16
    Session 16: Pharmacy Inventory
    • Inventory Management
  • 17
    Session 17: Hospital Math
    • Calculations for Institutional Pharmacy (Parenteral Dosing, Powdered Formulations, and Percentages
    • Assessment
  • 18
    Session 19: Financial Issues (Billing Insurance or other third parties like Medicare or Medicaid)
    • Financial Issues
    • Other Pharmacy Environments
    • Assessment
  • 19
    Session 20: Pharmacy Hospital Math Continued
    • Hospital Pharmacy (Ratios, Infusion Rates, and Dosing based upon weight, BSA)
    • Assessment on Ratios and Percentages
  • 20
    Session 21 Pharmacy Hospital Math (This is it!)
    • Diluting and mixing
    • Assessment on Dilutions and Allegations
  • 21
    Session 22: Drugs
    • Biopharmacetics
    • Assessment: Basic Pharmaceuticals and Factors Affecting Drug
  • 22
    Session 23 Final Steps to Success
    • Final Assessment Over Entire Program
    • Licensure and Certification
    • Getting the Interview
    • Getting the Job